Egyenlőtlenség? Milyen értelemben? Elsősorban gazdasági értelemben… Az hogy két ember között a vagyoni különbség olyan szintű méreteket tud ölteni hogy az már meghatározóvá válik a kettejük kapcsolatában. Az egyiknek hatalma lesz a másik felett, amit ez előbbi ki is használ, mégpedig arra hogy ezt a fajta hatalmát megerősítse, megszilárdítsa, tovább növelje.

Alábbiakban egypár idevágó média és kultúra elem, magyarul, angolul.

Noam Chomsky: Requiem for the American Dream

The topic: the defining characteristic of society in our time – a concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a select few. We are at a point of crossroads of historically unprecedented inequality. How we got here (policies shaped by those in power to get even more power)… Where will this lead (the end of the middle class in society, the end of democracy, the end of the american dream).

The 10 Principles of Concentration of Wealth and Power
1. Reduce Democracy
2. Shape Ideology
3. Redesign the Economy
4. Shift the Burden
5. Attack Solidarity
6. Run the Regulators
7. Engineer Elections
8. Keep the Rabble in Line
9. Manufacture Consent
10. Marginalize the Population

His 10 principles include reducing broad democratic participation in governance; shifting the nation’s economic base from manufacture (which employs/benefits all) to the finance games of stock market and credit; shifting the tax burden to relieve the well-off; deregulation; election engineering (crowned by Citizens United, the masterstroke in empowering corporate influence on and within government); eroding the power of organized labor; promoting the mass distraction of frivolous consumerism; and “marginalizing the population” by splitting them into impotent factions angry at each other (rather than those at the top)
Resources: website, nytimes article, wikipedia

Powell Memorandum, 1971

The Powell Memorandum (entitled the “Attack on the American Free Enterprise System”) warned that business was losing control of society and that something had to be done to control these forces. The report warns about ‘the crisis of democracy’, more precisely an ‘excess of democracy’. In this report, liberals were particularly concerned with was happening to young people “the young people are getting too free and independent” and the schools and the universities are responsible for the “indoctrination of the young”.