[EN] Identity – 2023

Identity encompasses various aspects of an individual’s sense of self. It involves how a person perceives themselves and how they are perceived by others.

My idenites

Scientist I like science, especially exact sciences. I was good at scinece in shool, and I have a Masters degree in Computer Science.

Techie I learned to code in Pascal at the age of 14. I like programming ever since. Then I learned c++, python, javascript, erlang. I work as a software engineer at a big tech company. Vim is better than Emacs. Linux is better than windows. Premature optimization is the root of all evil.

Hungarian Igen. Emiatt van a blog fele magyarul.

Transylvanian Hungarian Zsíroskenyér vöröshagymával. Mert az ott a képen vöröshagyma, nem pedig lilahagyma, csak hogy tudd.

Woman I am not sure how much this part of my identity matters when it comes to understanding and eliminating systemic poverty. But I felt is itmportant to mention it.

Feminist I do fight for equal rights between men and women. And equal wage for the same work. And the opportunity that you can become anyone you want, regardless of your gender.

You versus me

Your identity shapes how you engage with the world around you, a fact that can inform your level of comfort in speaking up when problematic situations arise. On one level, you are accessing the world through your own lens, unique to you. However, the groups with which we identify, along with the power and privilege we occupy, are part of our lens and shape the way we experience the world.