the real root cause of vaccine scepticism

For years, I was watching with disbelief that there is a growing number of people who think that vaccines are harmful. […]

I have been talking with some friends of mine about this issue, trying to understand it. Sipping glasses of wine, the conclusion we came to, is that it is a lack of education, lack of information, or outright deliberate misinformation is at the root of the problem.

Until, one day, I read this in The New York Times… And it made me think…

Heidi Larson is arguably the world’s foremost rumor manager. The founder of the Vaccine Confidence Project in London, she has spent two decades in war-torn, poor and unstable countries around the globe, as well as in rich and developed ones, striving to understand what makes people hesitant to take vaccines.

In this profile, our reporter delves into Dr. Larson’s obsession with the origin and evolution of rumors — and how to engage with skeptical members of the community. “We don’t have a misinformation problem,” she says. “We have a trust problem.”


We don’t have a misinformation problem
We have a trust problem